Monday, January 16, 2012

About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of the 'interwebs'. First let me explain how this all came about. In June of 2010 I was diagnosed by my holistic practitioner (a.k.a - super awesome health hero) Lori Goodwin as being (dun-dun-duuuuuuuun) "Gluten Intolerant". Now, being that I am a redheaded Southern Belle, I was ABHORRED at the thought of breaking off my life long love affair with bread. I cried, pleaded for another verdict and maybe even stomped my foot(just a lil' bit)...but to no avail. The diagnosis from her tests were screaming that the wheat in the foods I had loved so very much in fact did NOT love me back or as Lori lovingly puts it - "Gluten(everything derived from deliciously awesome wheat) isn't 'harmonious' to my unique and amazing system." To my dismay there was NO denying the symptoms of emotional mood swings, depression and constant pain/stiffness in my neck and shoulders. Now that my arch enemy's identity had been revealed it was do or die...or in my without...or at least find another path..which is exactly what I did.

My real name is Tabitha."Ginger" is a nickname adorned(more like branded) on me by my beloved son(ever after known here as 'Gamer Boy') due to my red hair, pale skin and inability to spend much time in the sun being so similar to a parody displayed on one of his favorite cartoons. As soon as he uttered it once in the company of my boyfriend Cason(he is awesome) and our friends it stuck like glue. I figure - why fight it? So I decided to OWN it instead :)

Now, back to learning a lil' bit more about me. I live in a tiny little town in Georgia that consists of a post office, a gas station and an amazingly worldly and wonderful restaurant that I waitress at part time. I am currently on my 33rd trip around the Sun in this life and wear several 'hats'.
I have two jobs. YEP.  I am a secretary for a recycling company as my 8 to 5. I also waitress part time from time to time at a local restaurant. The working situation is temporary but neccessary right now. I look forward to life slowing down a bit soon. Balancing work, motherhood and a relationship sounds hard, but I look at it as my cup runeth over. With all these thing occupying my time I try to find a way to nourish myself in a healthy way without having to spend more than an hour in the kitchen or going broke at the store.

So with all this said - here is my unofficial but good enough disclaimer - I am NOT a doctor. I am NOT a nutritionist. Heck, to tell ya' the truth I am a well read, self-taught, know just enough to be dangerous high school drop out that salvaged somewhat of an education by going back to night school. Every bit of knowledge I have is from reading or real life trial and error. I know enough about this lifestyle to be impeccably imperfect at it. I do not have Celiac Disease. There is a line drawn in the grain(pun intended) between Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance. To put it in my words - Gluten won't kill me but it SURE doesn't like me AT ALL. This is my story. Mine alone. I type the way I talk and live - Southern. I will share my uncensored view of this lifestyle, my experiences and a plethora of other things(random thoughts) here because this is my safe haven to do so. I am looking forward to opening up and investing my energy into something for a little while that quiets the carousel music I always seem to be humming in my brain. (NO, I am not a lunatic..just a teeny bit hyperactive). So, if you so choose to read my blog, I hope you take it for what it is and enjoy it. Your mileage may vary. Brightest Blessings y'all - The GFG

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! One of the more cathartic releases of pent up stress ever to grace the world.