Monday, December 10, 2012

The Path Of Healing..

For most of my adult life I have managed(or mis-managed) my body with only one concern- how much I weigh. If the scale went down in the morning it was gonna be a good day! If not...well you get the picture. #crazytrain

I can honestly say I kept that mentality until December 3rd of this year. Even though for quite some time I've eaten gluten free(and now dairy free) I never SAW it as a means to heal my body from the train wreck my intolerances had put it through. I merely looked at it as another restrictive diet set in place to punish me for not being born with the glorious DNA of Sandra Bullock. #poutingginger

I'd like to say that some miracle happened and the night sky lit up with pink glitter to illuminate this moment of reckoning that I had on the evening of December 2nd. Alas, it just isn't so. I was lying on the big comfy couch in our living room chatting with Cason when all of a sudden a wave of understanding washed over me. I had to change. A complete overhaul of perspective was in order. Instead of counting every calorie and whining about my was time to embrace who I am and learn to eat what heals me and makes me the best possible me I can be.(which is a bubbly happy red head that loves to bedazzle everything and soaks up every moment that life has to offer)

I woke up on the morning of Dec 3rd a brand new girl. I've asked myself before each meal if what I am about to partake of will nourish and heal my body. I've felt positively AMAZING ever since! My mind is clear, my Spirit is charged and I am excited about where this path will lead me. All this time Lori has been lovingly telling me this - 'you cannot diet your way to the joy I want for you'. Her words finally permeated. And ya know what? I've actually lost MORE weight. Go figure, right? - The GFG