Sunday, April 21, 2013

Breaking Old Thoughts

Yesterday morning I crossed my first EVAH finish line. It was a 5K held here in our little Southern town to benefit school children in need of food. Up until that moment I believed that fitness activities were only for those people you see scurrying through life in spandex with REI bumper stickers who seem to have an endless well of energy that never runs out and SHOUlD it dwindle even a fraction.. have a Power Bar ready and in a backpack to shoot them back into happy perfect fit people Wonderland. #tiredjustdescribingit

Well y'all- I. Was. WRONG. There were as many different body types, ages and personalities in that group as I have pairs of flip flops and that ain't a small number to say the least. My beloved Cason walked along side me - even though I KNOW he was dying to take off running. He is a special brand of Man :) What surprised me even MORE was that my body did not balk at this action I was forcing upon it pre-coffee at 9am in the morning. It did exactly as I requested with minimal difficulty and maximum efficiency.
My inni-me(which is my inner cheerleader dressed in a pink tee, polka dot shorts, pink ribbon in my hair and barefoot) was rocking out to Billie Jean and cheering me on as I walked. I broke a pre-conceived thought!
I can do this activity stuff! And I got grabbed up and kissed by my Prince Charming after we passed under the finish line arch. It was an awesome moment y'all! Here's to changing my mind one experience at a time. xoxo- The GFG