Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looking Up The Mountain

Here I sit after a hot bath all cozy n' junk and thinking about the path I have chosen and where to place the mile markers along the way. The thought pattern that led me to deciding on a nine month time frame(Oct-June)for my 'total Ginger transformation' is simple.It takes nine months for a woman to create a life-so I can change my life in the same time frame :)

I started today monitoring the quantity of my food with an app on my iPhone called 'itrackbites' and eating harmonious foods that fit into my lifestyle. Now don't get me wrong y'all- I eat and I eat well :) Breakfast was pumpkin coffee, eggs, bacon and a banana. (Well, to be honest after sleeping so late that was actually lunch) Dinner was a chicken Caesar salad with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and artichoke hearts. Yum! Tomorrow will be fruit and coffee for breakfast and my friend David's amazing 'egg bake' paired with cottage cheese for lunch. Dinner will be some lovely veggies and shrimp. (Notice the trend of no sugar and no wheat) #gingerfriendly

I look forward to the next few days and logging how the new lifestyle is working for me. Wishing y'all a wonderful week! - The GFG

Friday, September 28, 2012

Operation: Ginger....OH SNAP!

Today I am excited y'all! I've probably experimented with every health path out there and avoided what works for FAR too long because I didn't want to face the facts- gluten and its kissing cousins(gluten alternatives like corn, rice and potato flour derivatives) hate this body I live in. Having tried OVER and OVER again to find a way to still include these foods just make me unhealthy and unhappy. Stuff just got real...real fast. I'm tired of being tired.

After gathering lots of information, picking myself up and learning from the failures- I've tweaked a plan that fits my own flavor of uniqueness :) I will move my body with Jazzercise and Yoga. I will nourish it with good foods purchased from the perimeter of the grocery store and utilize Weight Watchers as a tool for managing the quantity of what I take in. I will NOT be eating the processed foods that the Weight Watcher plan endorses. That is simply NOT harmonious for me. (See Lori- I do listen)

My goal date for shopping to aquire new clothes AND a bikini is June 1st 2013. June is the month I first met Lori and when my life began to grow and evolve. It's perfect for a landmark on this path. I look forward to it! It's gonna be a fun, scary and educational nine months :) Check In with me from time to time. I will update my progress. The total weight loss will be 40 pounds when I am at my healthy Ginger goal. See ya at the finish line y'all. Failure is NOT an option. - The GFG

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The In Between Moments....

Hello loverlies! I've been a very busy girl as of late. Cason, Gamer Boy and I moved!
We now call a 1938 Spanish style hacienda our home. It's absolutely 110% ME. It's all hard
Wood floors, French doors, crystal door knobs and even has a secret passage way. #awesome

I've paid for a shiny new header(complete with a cartoon me) to be added to my home page
and was waiting for it to go live to begin posting again but something happened yesterday that
just stirred up the 'word nerd' in me and I had to get it out or explode. Seriously. It really feels
that way when a thought/realization/epiphany hits me.
It's write it out or live with all the words banging around in my head like that little cubby in your
driver's side door that's entirely USELESS except for holding change and you overly fill it and it spills when you shut the door and irritates you. #tangent #focusginger

So.....yeah....back to yesterday. I got in my car after work and before I got off the
street my job is located on my iPhone rings and up pops a pic of Cason with the
words 'Prince Charming' is calling lighting up the screen. I answer and he asks
with his OH Sooo silky Southern drawl for me to join him on the patio at a local Mexican
restaurant for dinner.( did I mention we live in TOWN now and everything, including
work is only FIVE minutes from our house?) #sheerepicness

I agreed- OF.COURSE :) We then said a quick good bye and I continued my drive there.
A feeling washed over me y'all- one of complete and utter gratefulness. I have KNOWN what loneliness feels like. I don't mean the kind where you are bored and can't think of anything to do...I mean The kind that runs BONE DEEP. The loneliness of no phone ringing, no plans made, no one to call and ask how your day was or sit across from you at dinner AND the mornings where no one leaves the lid off the toothpaste :(

That five minute drive was a lifetime of reflection condensed into the summation which equals
and keeps me aware of how precious those 'in between moments' are. Those moments actually happen daily for me. I have an amazing partner who 99% of the time calls to talk to me on the
way home(even if its just a five minute drive). I am blessed to be a girl that sits my phone face
up and anxiously awaits it to light up with his name. I get to be one of those girls you see driving
down the road in cute sunglasses with a smile on my face because I have someone(s)..Cason and
Gamer Boy....waiting to spend time with me. Those little moments make me rich. Those little moments enrich the lives of us ALL if we only stop and acknowledge them. I hope I never EVER have to live without them again. - The GFG