Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So its Wednesday.....aka 'hump day'. Boy is it EVER true for me today. The timespan from now until 9:30 tonight when I finish up being a secretary and a waitress seems about as long as FOREVER. #headdesk..............................Perhaps those two(really don't count) bites of pizza last night were a bad choice, eh? Hey, don't judge to harshly...salad(even my boss's EPIC strawberry salad) just doesn't do it all of the time.

Today is one of those days when I wind up at a 'choice' of sorts...after all(stealing from
my friend Steven's birthday post yesterday) "life is merely a series of choices. We all have
them. We all make them. CHOOSE." Right now I am teeterin' between being grumpy for
 a little while or walking outside, taking a deep breath, soaking up all the AWESOMENESS
 of my co-workers and be-boppin' in Abigail on my morning trip to the post office. The
easy choice is the former. Since I always have to take the left-handed path...I am going to
chose the latter. #rebelginger

So here's to a good 80's hair metal song coming on the radio and a good laugh at the
confused collegiates at Emory University on their way to becoming shapers of our
future as they stand on the corners of the campus I drive through to get to the post
office SMOKING cigarettes every day as I passe them. Even though I see it every
day - I. STILL. SAY- WTH? Happy Wednesday ya'll. -The GFG

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Simple Things...

As I sit here this morning sipping on my DECAF coffee...I type with a smile :) I woke up this morning next to the man I've dreamed of since I read Wuthering Heights for the first time by flashlight under the covers over 20 years ago. I got dressed in a warm home, packed a homemade lunch and woke Gamer Boy up for the THIRD time with a kiss, a hug and my standard - "Have a wonderful day. You are the light of my life."

Even running out to the car this morning in flip flops because the Georgia weather decided to turn FRIGID wasn't tooo bad. I HAD to rock them this morning since I'm overdue on my epic pedicure
and will definatley be visiting my girls this afternoon. Yay!! #polishedginger

It's time to tackle the mountain of work I am blessed to have waiting on me and welcome Monday morning with open arms and a big grateful heart. Bright Blessings Y'all. - The GFG

Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Ready for The Beach!

A near and dear friend of mine is getting married on Anna Maria Island(off the coast of Sarasota, Fl.)
on May 5th. He and his fiance have graciously included me in their wedding so we are off to the beach!
(Its on a weekend that Gamer Boy is to visit his dad...AND..there is the fact that I would be DRAGGING him on a nine hour road trip there when he would rather be gaming with his friends-sigh- or he would be going along with us). Cason and I have another family trip for the three of us in the works on Gamer Boy's birthday to make sure that 1. Gamer Boy knows we love him enough to DRAG him away from his desk kicking and screaming to a family adventure....and 2. That he gets some freaking sunlight. He's bordering on being as white as me. #scarythought

Anywho's....arrangements are made...dress is bought...and I couldn't be happier for the betrothed couple. Their love for one another is positively infectious and the unique wedding they have planned
is a reflection of just how FREAKING.AWESOME. COOL. they are. So Cason and I are on the countdown to a few days..on an have the honor of witnessing our friends first steps as husband and wife...and I am just feeling fortunate. - The GFG

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pondering Ginger...

I've been living 99% pain free(as long as I eat right) and am 97% emotionally
 normal(who are we kidding here? Normal is merely a perception anyway) since June of 2010...AND I've done this with ZERO medication. Before being introduced to my 'good health fairy' Lori(if this is your first visit to my corner of the interwebs you can read all about her at my regular doctor pushed me toward anti-depressants. Now y'all...if you have ever met me in person, you know GOOD and dang well that I do NOT suffer from depression. There are times that I need to turn down the volume on my personality but rest assured that its always pretty shiny. (UNLESS. I. DON'T. EAT. RIGHT.)#emoginger

So, you can probably figure for yourself that the suggestion of putting a happy person on anti-depressants just didn't add up for me. I knew that the mood swings and pain weren't always there and that something had to be causing it. FASTFORWARD---->back to present day. I am sitting here this evening pondering the label of 'depression'. I am fully aware that there are people who truly have chemical imbalances and anti-depressants balance their systems just as insulin does for a diabetic. I do not in any way question or discredit their daily battle. What I am pondering many folks have walked into a doctors office and been handed a bottle of anti-depressants when they are in fact NOT depressed but have food intolerances like me? How many women pop a pill once or twice a day to only feel half as shiny as I do when they could meet up with Lori, take a different path and skip on down the yellow brick road?

This thought seems to be growing inside my head like a magic bean stalk. Its rooted, sprouted and I want to get the word out to the world about natural medicine and the importance of keeping your mind open and not always accepting the first diagnosis. After all---they do call it PRACTICING medicine. Our bodies and minds are complex organisms that are capable of doing amazing and REALLY.FREAKING. WEIRD. going into an emotional breakdown on the shampoo isle in Ingles because you ate birthday cake. *sigh* As I go through my own battles I am reminded that we are all the same species. We all breath air. We all bleed red. AND its likely that there are MANY more people like me out there...Bless. Their. Hearts. - The GFG

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How Did I Get Here???....AGAIN.

Here I sit - AGAIN in the middle of full blown emotional BREAK.DOWN. from eating sugar and gluten. I am a living, breathing, thought possessing human being that is fully
aware of the definition of insanity.
 YET.....Holy Reese Peanut Butter Eggs Batman!! #shouldstoppedattwo :(

I'm noticing that indulging in ONE(or six) sugary pieces of deliciousness has sent me
 into a few days of eating off the grid and into unknown lands of moodiness that succeeded
in nothing but me babbling away like an idiot and feeling like the Tin Man - left out in the rain- with
no yellow brick road or friendly faces to reach my oil can. #Gingergonemad

Perhaps I should bypass Holidays? Or get my mouth wired shut? Or at least invest in some really INTENSE mint gum to put in my mouth when I am tripping off into the food intolerant spaztastic??
Today. Should. Be. Fun. (NOT) - The GFG

Monday, April 9, 2012

Catchin' Mah Breath...Phew!

Wow!! What a whirlwind of events that have kept me going non-STOP for the last week!! 1950's date night on the 31st of March was an absolute DREAM :) We had amazing food, wine, company and I even got approached by a cast member of "Hairspray" about where I got my dress. #winningmoment

After THAT amazing night we spent a lazy afternoon lying on a blanket at a park in Atlanta for a little while until it was time to pick Gamer Boy up from his father.( My whole life revolves around when I get to pick him back up.) LAWD. HELP. ME. when he goes off to college. I'm sure he will be thankful for text messaging even more then than now so he won't have to constantly have me calling to be all "worried Mom" on him. #can'thelpit

FASTFORWARD---> to this past weekend. I come from a HUGE. SOUTHERN. FAMILY. The matriarchal centers of our universe are my Nannie and my mother. Imagine if you will - two lovely Southern women with their hip length hair pinned up and wearing either plaid or floral(HAND)embroidered aprons in the kitchen cooking up what dreams are made of and there you have it. Except - for this year. My Nannie was scheduled to preach at her parsonage in South Georgia and my mother came down with the flu. Soooooooo-------me and my older Sis' Tonya throwed down a dinner worthy of their praise AND we did it with only a few hours to prep :) We spent the afternoon in the shade of my Sis' two Oak trees playing Full. Contact. Cornhole. (Cornhole mixed with some smack talkin' and an occasional wayward beanbag being purposefully thrown AT the other team). I ate 100% OFF my rocker and am currently awaiting the afterburn to settle on me. But ya' know what? IT. WAS. WORTH. IT. - The GFG