Friday, June 15, 2012

Lookin' For Love In All The Wrong Places...

Sometimes I catch myself gettin' all caught up in the daily routine, schedules and actions of others rather than focusing on me. I watch Cason and others I know living their lives and doing what they love while I retract into the vastness of my mind and analyze(sometimes to death) every action I shoulda, coulda and woulda taken. Let me say- this is NOT me reacting to food. I'm just 2% neurotic and 98% too anxious all of the time.

Cason took me down to Savannah last weekend. For the first time that I can recall I truly relaxed. (He tends to have super powers and make magical stuffs happen like this). I sat on a bench watchin' the big ole boats go by and just 'was'. It was freaking awesome!

I realized then(and of course have analyzed ever since) that its
Time to give some value to ME and what I want for myself on this trip called life. It's time to stop looking outside myself for reasons to be in love with this life and just LET. IT.HAPPEN. Sure- this may involve me breaking Southern Belle decorum(sorry Nannie!) And asking for what I want when I want it and going after things I may never have allowed myself
To believe I deserve. Yep. I do believe change is 'a comin'.
-The GFG

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

This morning has me wondering why it took me quite so long to
come to the realization that I have TOO much on my plate.
Without getting into the nitty gritty details(because, after all-
the majority really does NOT wanna know..they wanna ask how
you are and you smile and say 'Fine. How are you?')I will just
say that its time for some cleaning up in my life. I'm finally
ready for somethings to move aside and stop allowing them
to stress me. In the words of my AMAZING boyfriend -
Today. Is. A. New. Day.

Now to make the best of it :) - The GFG

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ginger's Log- Day 6 In Detox Zone

I have placed myself this morning one one of the couches in our sitting area all wrapped up in the blanket that was my father's favorite and I have the morning light coming through the blinds behind me and the low sounds of clothes dancing in the dryer down the hall. I am sipping on my green smoothie as I begin day six in the 'Detox Zone'. Its been an interesting ride so far. As I've said before - each day starts with a green smoothie(which tastes good but the looks of it freaks my co-workers OUT), lunch consists of fruits and veggies and dinner is one serving of meat and more fruits and veggies. In between is raw nuts and seeds.

What I've learned so far - Detoxing can make you QUITE sick the first week. As your body starts releasing all the 'Yuck' from your lymphatic system it can make you feel down right awful. The last two days have been Less. Than. Stellar. To say the LEAST. #sickginger

But I woke up this morning feeling some better.(though this may be the last of the Nyquil that's still gloriously in my blood stream). #brightside - My mind is SO clear y'all! Even through the sick stage my mind has been enjoying this 'house cleaning' ordeal. I've lost 7 pounds as of this morning and don't deal with the crazy food cravings that come when eating carbohydrate loaded foods and dairy products. All in all I have to say its going well. More updates to come! - The GFG