Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life In The Ginger Seat

It's 10:30pm on an August evening in the deep South. Here I am..feet propped up on the coffee table(with perfectly pedicured toes..OF COURSE) with my laptop listening to the dryer toss Gamer Boy's school clothes around and pondering the events of the last week. Gamer Boy started high school.(Yes. I. Feel. OLD.) So far he likes it very much :) #relievedginger

As for Cason - he is out for the evening visiting with a life long friend who is here from California. I smile
as I think of the laughter and conversation that must be going on between the two of them :)

As for me - I suppose I am content(at the moment)in my seat. Being 'glutenized' the first part of last week was awful but I got through it. Gamer Boy starting high school was stressful but I got through it. Right now,
as the evening finally begins to cool down and I am winding down, I find myself doing what I always do - looking for something to fix. I am a pleaser by nature. I always feel like I need to make things better for those I love and especially have a formed habit of always working on myself. Impeccably Imperfect is how I see me. Always a work in progress. Always something to learn and experience. There are very few moments where I feel that I am completely fine. There is always something I can try to make better in my world, isn't there? *sigh* Maybe the answer to this question is to just sit here and relax. That sounds pretty good to me. Goodnite y'all. - The GFG

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Finding My Way Back...

I've been on sort of a "break" from writing. It was somewhat voluntary and involuntary all at
 the same time. Gamer Boy pretty much has custody of my laptop to do his graphic design
work and online gaming and Cason runs Linux(a NON-Ginger friendly I.T. people version of
the interwebs) on his laptop..THUS..leaving me with only my NOT. SO. SMART. phone or the Kindle(which I canNOT type on) to blog with. #sigh beloved Cason got me this super cute laptop of my very own as a birthday gift and
HERE. I. AM! #happyginger

Along with the break from writing...I've taken a break from being strict with food. (Lori, if you
are reading this..I am very sorry and am paying for my bad behavior. Of this, I am certain you
already know. Love you.)It's not like I went TOTALLY off the deep end n' junk. I just haven't
been so great. I may have stopped at Krystal's once or four times.(It's my
absolute FAVORITE "I'm having a bad day and I wanna eat really crappy food" place to stop).
I do believe my saving salvation from going completley into a Gluten induced Coma is the
excercise I've been getting at Jazzercise. Perhaps it helps my system digest and get cleaner faster??

One of my favorite literary characters(probably because I can relate to her very well) Miss Anne Shirley from 'Anne of Green Gables' said  "tomorrow is a fresh new day free of mistakes".  That's how I feel this evening as I sit in my pink chair and type. Here's to tomorrow. - The GFG