Monday, October 8, 2012

Acceptance Does Not Equal Defeat

I like to consider myself a decent friend(with moments of awesomeness)and a fairly adequate listener(unless a Chris Robinson song is on and then I will just zone out for a few minutes). I find lately as I listen to good friends or just sit in a room with others in conversation that I may be more aware of my actions and the actions of others than I ever realized. I tend to question why people do what they do and what the driving force behind it is before passing judgment. I am far from perfect so I don't expect perfection from others. I do think I tend to give more understanding to people since at any given moment I can spaz out if I ingest bread. #sigh

I also find it hard to see something as black or white...for one is inherently good or evil. We are all paprika to me :) So, as I find myself listening to or reading about the actions of others I find myself breaking down why folks just tend to(what we call in the South) 'act a fool' in the most precarious of environments like work, church, restaurants and most of all on Facebook. I accept that all people have their own standards of decorum(after all...not everyone could have a grandmother like mine to mold them) yet that doesn't stop me from hoping for better behavior/treatment from my fellow humans. I wake up every morning in full acceptance that the world and people in it can and will disappoint me.....yet my heart always hopes that through a smile, a kind word or just a listening ear that I can somehow change that fate...if even for just today. Tomorrow can hold dissapointment...but today I will hope for sunshine. - The GFG