Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Winter's Evening Ramble on Love

As a young child I spent at least two thirds of my free time wiggling around on a church pew. I was the perfect picture of a pastor's granddaughter in my multi-layered poofy dresses with satin sashes, lace trimmed socks, gloves, hats and paten leather shoes. I didn't care ONE bit how I looked in those get ups...I was concerned with two things - the horrid discomfort of my stockings and how long I was gonna have to quietly sit still. Fastforward 30 years and I am still pretty much the same with the exception that I now CHOOSE to wear dresses. I often wondered then as I wonder now when I am logging hours of my day tackling daily tasks...why in the heck are we here and why do we do the silly things we do? Why is one shirt 50 dollars more than another because it has one small picture of a seagull or an eagle on it? Who decides the master value of 'things' and why in the world is so much value placed upon articles of clothing, vehicles, jewelry and other material objects? Why is the most highest of high and precious commodities NOT our health and well being? I learned quite young the value of health when my foot was crushed in an accident. It took all of about an hour for me to see that the simple act of walking FAR out weighed any other possession I had as soon as I lost my ability to mindlessly get up and make my way across a room. Even at that young age of 10 I questioned why I was put here on this beautiful place. I knew one thing for certain then and now - there is more to this experience than 'things' acquired. So far my question is being answered with one four letter word...LOVE. Love manifested through the self, through friendships, through romantic and platonic relationships and by caring for the body that houses my Soul- THAT is why I am here. I am here to be LOVE, to experience it and to give it freely as much as I can. I am here to soak up as much knowledge about being a human as my years are going to allow me and hope that those I meet along the path are better off for knowing me and I for knowing them. Yes....I still act like a child sometimes and twirl around in my dress all happy n' junk that for a few precious moments I don't have to sit still and be quite. Yes, I get caught up with the awe of bedazzled things. Alas, I take a deep breath...feel the Sun shine down on my face, give thanks for the clothes on my back, the shoes on my feet and continue to look for ways to spread more of the good stuff around that makes me shiny. Love will carry us through the thickets and the silver linings of life and bring us out on the other side. Love is the medicine for the Soul. May you always have enough of it to Sustain you...XOXO - The GFG

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