Sunday, March 24, 2013

Learning New Things

This weekend I had the great luck to have a 'sit down' with my good friend David. He is a DEEP well of knowledge and shares it freely and lovingly with all who are fortunate enough to bide a while in his company. He shared his motto on nutrition and nourishing on an elementary level and I am grateful for the wisdom.You see y'all- I have reached a bit of an impass(or Grand Canyon to be real honest) with the world of commercial dieting. I no longer place my faith in the plans that simply use a scientific formula of calories in vs. calories out, or a daily 'points' limit.

It just doesn't make sense to me to go through life constantly looking up the value of food when I know good and well this simple truth- eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much. #simpleginger

It seems to me the way these mega-diet corporations make their money is by leading the good folk(like me) to believe they can lose weight FAST for some life event(oh...say marrying your Prince Charming on October 5th of THIS year) and feel fabulous, look amazing and do it all while eating the overly processed 'Frankenfood' they peddle. #unCOOL

What about nutrients? Nourishment? Energy from the Earth? What about sleeping well, dental health and let's not forget something majorly important here- how do these foods effect my hair?!?

I am a sponge when it comes to nutrition. I soak up TOO much information at times. It gives me a haystack of choices when all I need is a needle. I have come to see that learning new things can serve as well as hinder given the circumstance in which they become applied. So for now- I am backing away from my Google Bar in the realm of food and kickin' it into simple mode. No counting. No tracking. No crazy! Keep processed food where it belongs- on a store shelf :) Now this makes sense. Night y'all! - The GFG

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