Saturday, March 9, 2013

That Moment When....

I just want to stomp, scream and pull a total 'Office Space Ball Bat' fit on my scale. I've done everything I was supposed to(give or take a few extra calories) this week and this horrible, awful and NOT at all cute machine doesn't reward me for my efforts this week. WTH?

It just STAYED exactly at the number it was last week for cryin' out loud! Ugh. I am not one to whine about my genetics. I realized quite some time ago that The Universe could not make me red headed, grammatically awesome, fairytale minded, bedazzled AND naturally thin too. That would've been making life just a little bit too easy for me. All of us need a Hero's Journey of some persuasion...after all, even Dorothy had to work for those fabulous shoes of hers, right?

So here I sit, all flustered and freckling up in the Sunlight on my front porch *slightly* whining, but devising my plan of action for total scale VICTORY next Saturday morning. I will continue my master minding...right after I walk over to the park and play on the swings :) xoxo- The GFG

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