Saturday, February 23, 2013

So What's Next?

My entire lil' family has been ill this week(but not Cason if you ask him because MEN don't get sick). It appears that we are finally turning the corner towards the Sunshine of health despite the fact that it is determined to rain ALL weekend here in our dreamy little town.

I am parked in my pink chair covered up in my father's favorite native american blanket and sipping on some hot coffee from the freaking AWESOME custom mug my friend Tres had made for me. #myfriendsareROCKSTARS
My mind is on the next page of my story. I am no longer a waitress. I've spent almost half my life waitressing and I tell you I've met amazing people, heard the best stories AND the love of my life found me while I was waitressin' away a Sunday afternoon. I built my life doing so. Now I find myself smack dab in the middle of my dreams coming true(happy dance) and searching for the next step on my journey.

What will I become now? An artist? A gluten/sugar free at home chef? A fitness and yoga practitioner? Well y'all- for now I can say for sure that my house is clean, Cason and Gamer Boy are taken care of quite well and I am open to rocking ALL of the ABOVE :) xoxo- The GFG

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